So, the day has arrived, finally we are allowed to open our doors once again (well almost, at the time of writing we are a few days off) and to say that we are excited is an understatement but like a lot of people, excitement isn’t the only emotion that we are feeling, there are nerves in there as well.
You may be reading this thinking why would an established business like that have anything to be nervous about or perhaps you have a small business and know exactly what we are feeling but let’s break it down a little bit either way.
Yes, we are established, Hardman & Hemming has now been running for well over a decade and we are lucky to have a great customer base, we know our craft and we keep our customers happy, but, (why is there always a but), these are not normal times and the world is not the same place it was a year ago and this change raises questions.

Will people still go to the office?
Is formal wear still going to be a thing?
Do people want to go out any more?
Do our customers remember us?
Can we still provide the same service?

And all of that is before you think about what has happened within the business in the last year, and the investment that has been made to make sure there is a business to come back to.  The grants, the loans, the lack of an income whilst we have been shut, it all adds up, applies pressure and of course raises the question, was it all worth it?

Well, the answer may be different for each business but for us? Yes, 100% yes.  We love our business, our work and most of all our customers, past, present and future.  All of the hard work, effort and sacrifice is why we do what we do, it’s what keeps up getting up and threading needles.  Seeing the wedding photos, the promotions at work, the holiday snaps of our customers wearing our jackets out, all of it.  Our customers make it worth it, the support we have had makes it worth it.  Seeing the team pull together, changing the shop, decorating and painting, cleaning, sewing and everything else we have all done make it all worth it.
We will always put in the hard work we need to make sure we continue to be the business that we are. So, yes we are nervous but so much more excited to show you what we have been doing and welcome you back to the shop, our new look shop!

Here’s to 2021 and to businesses of all sizes as we all relaunch and open up again our doors to our customers.

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