Hardman & Hemming

It’s Not All About Suits

Here in the throbbing heart of the mighty Hardman & Hemming,
We toil and struggle to make smooth, tasks overwhelming,
Books to be balanced and diary to be organised,
Suits to be ordered, customers dreams to be realised,
Website needs updating again,
New pages added, to entice customers in,
Will they buy shirts, subscribe to our new club,
Or will they just browse, and go to the pub,
Phone calls to make, phone calls to take,
Spam calls to reject, marketing calls to expect,
Emails to send, emails to read,
Having meetings, deciding who’ll lead,
Pricing up cloth, looking at new product,
Chasing up factories,
Questioning their conduct,
It’s wedding season, delayed from the pandemic,
They are all in a rush, been pushed to the limit,
Everyone panicking, can’t change the day,
Everyone stressed, no room for delay,
But, once it’s all over we will have easier times,
Start planning for Christmas,
And a window to blow minds.


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