Home Alone

So at the time of writing December is only a few days away, Christmas is once again rushing towards everyone in its charming but unstoppable way and who are we to even try and stop it? It’s time to embrace it and do what we do best (along with making suits of course) and unveil the Hardman & Hemming Christmas window, this year inspired by perhaps one of the most festive movies of all time, Home Alone. Featuring everyone’s favourite burglars, the Wet Bandits, Harry and Marv, and as many of Kevin’s traps that we could fit in the window, from paint cans to glow up burning door handles!
To celebrate the unveiling and to spread a little bit of festive joy in December we are delighted
to give you, dear reader, the festive 10% discount code;
Put this in the coupon code box in our online shop, or when booking an appointment for December,
and we will take 10% off the price of your order. Of course this can’t be used in conjunction with
any other offer and is only valid for purchases made in December.
So get online, book an appointment, or buy something from the online shop and start saving KEVIN! this Christmas.
Can’t wait to see more of the Christmas window in person? Well you don’t have to,
just follow this link to our Instagram post and see how many traps you can spot.

The H&H Home alone window on Instagram

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals
Love All at H&H

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