Have you got a special occasion coming up that you want to take your outfit to the next level? Well why not add a waistcoat? Do you need that spare pair of trousers for the working week? The daily commute can be brutal on a suit.
All this summer H&H have got you covered; it shouldn’t be just the kids who get the freebies over the holidays.
At Hardman & Hemming this summer all waistcoats or 2nd trousers go free with any 2-piece suit.
That’s right buy any 2-piece suit from our range of cloths and you can add a 3rd piece for free.
Alton Towers have got nothing on us, and you don’t even have to cut the side off a cereal box to do it.

Terms and conditions
Offer ends Monday 23rd September 2019
Free waistcoat OR free 2nd pair of trousers available with full price purchase of any 2 piece suit (Jacket & Trousers).

Cloth to cut, buttons, thread and lining, it’s all up to you. Discover the journey you’ll go on when you create your perfect suit with us.